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Experts in Technical Writing | eLearning

Technical Writing and eLearning Projects

We are experts in executing the following projects





Quark Xpress

Structured Authoring


Instructional Designing




We  also undertake the following projects


Digital Publishing Projects

epub Conversion

XML Conversion

Image Processing

Scanning Processing

PRISM Network has signed up with Technical Writing International, Australia to issue International certification. We are specializing in the field of Technical Writing and eLearning. We operate under the brand name of “Center of Excellence in Technical Writing and eLearning” (CETWEL). As the name suggests, we have taken a pledge to raise the bar in terms of quality Technical Writing and eLearning.

We have a team of highly experienced professionals to undertake any project in the following areas:

Technical Writing (Technical Content Writing) Projects

  1. User Guide
  2. Online and F1 Help Systems
  3. Video Tutorials
  4. Interactive Self-paced and Virtual and Instructor led lessons
  5. Marketing Communication / Documents
  6. Structured XML Documents as per DITA and other standards, Using Industry Standards tools such as FrameMaker, Arbortext and on so.
  7. Creating Structured Templates, EDDs and related documents
  8. Any Projects related to any Adobe tools such as FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Indesign, Captivate and others

eLearning Projects

  1. Content Development
  2. Creating SCORM ready content using Industry standard tools such as Captivate, Articulate and So on.
  3. eLearning content as per Inductry Standards such as DITA, AICC, SCORM, TINCAN, Questionmark Perception, white Board Animation
  4. Content creation for any Learning Management systems such as Captivate Prime, Moodle, Adobe Connect and so on

ePub Services

We provide eBooks based on client requirement. And also create the ebooks for various devices ADE, IPAD (Apple), Kindle devices and Nook

XML Conversion

We convert existing web publishing / fresh conversion process from PDF to xml, ms word to xml

We are having exposure in Docbook DTD, NLM DTD, JATS conversion projects


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